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Prophets, Teachers, Miracles, Science, Technology

Second in Paul’s list of gifts were prophets (1 Corinthians 12:27). We know those who have this gift as preachers. The prophet’s job was to expound Scripture, to multiply the gift of the apostles, the gift of Scripture (the New Testament, but not the New Testament alone — also the Old Testament) by illustrating and applying it to God’s people, to the churches. Once the Scripture was complete and available, it was to be proclaimed to the nations, to the Gentiles, to all of the people in the world. With the closing of the Canon and cessation of the role of the apostles, the role of the prophets took first place in the churches. Indeed, preaching God’s Word is still the primary job of every church.


The next gift on Paul’s list was teaching. Teachers were to help people incorporate Scripture into their lives. Teachers instruct, train and disciple others. Teaching is an outgrowth of preaching. Teaching takes preaching to the next level. Where preaching is the proclamation of God’s Word, teaching involves the assimilation and application of God’s Word. The teacher must master the subject before teaching it, and then help others master it. So, the first job of the teacher is learning.

And every Christian is called to be a teacher. Husbands are to teach their wives. Parents are to teach their children. Older students are to help teach younger students, etc. Teaching is the main staple of Christianity. Every Christian needs to be taught, not just the essentials of the faith, but the fullness and richness of the faith. Christianity is not just about the main points of biblical doctrine, it’s about the entire story of the Bible in all of its amazing details. “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16).


Next on Paul’s list are miracles. But didn’t I previously say that miracles had ceased with the closing of the Canon? I did, and what I said is true. However, it is not the whole truth. Why? Because the closing of the Canon was not the end of Christianity. Rather, it was the beginning of God’s Christian mission to the whole world. Paul’s inclusion of miracles on the gift list was the result of Jesus’ instructions in John 14:12: “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.” James taught the same thing: “You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone” (James 2:24).

You might say that Paul used the word “miracles” where the verses I have quoted above use the word “works.” And indeed, they are not the same Greek words. Nonetheless, the meaning and intent of the two verses are the same. Paul used the word dunamis, which means power. Paul’s use of the word miracles (dunamis) here referred to going out in the power of Christ and changing the world. Paul was not talking about carnival tricks or healing aunt Sally’s sore elbow. Paul was talking about using the wisdom that God had provided in Scripture to change human culture and society into the likeness of Christ. Paul was talking about the application of biblical principles and truths to the endeavor of being human in a fallen world. Paul was talking about walking in the Spirit, about living in regeneration, about being used by God in the accomplishment of God’s purposes for His church, to extend the biblical mission to reach the whole world.

With the light of Jesus Christ and completion of the Bible, miracles that were like flashlights in the dark were no longer necessary in the light of Christ. Again, it is not so much that miracles that worked like flashlights in the dark ceased to work, but that in the light of Christ flashlights were no longer necessary. But note that if the light from the flashlights was miraculous, the light of Christ was a miracle of infinitely greater proportion. The flashlights were simply abandoned in favor of the superior light of Christ.

Miracles are like tongues. Rightly understood, we see that speaking in tongues did not cease, but rather began in earnest with the closing of the Canon as the gospel – regenerate God talk — was translated (spoken and written) into foreign tongues (languages). Similarly, miracles did not cease with the closing of the Canon, either. Rather, the closing of the Canon provided the platform for the launching of new generations of miracles, new kinds of miracles previously unknown, miracles that could only be manifest in the light of the Trinitarian Christ. Indeed, the application of the Trinitarian understanding of God and the Trinitarian understanding of reality brought about the development of science and technology, which have utterly and miraculously changed the world.

Science & Technology

What we call science and technology today, Christians of the First Century would have called miracles. What we assume as commonplace today, would have been considered to be absolutely miraculous in any other period of human history. I’m talking about modern communications, transportation, media, agriculture, population increase, etc. Think about the transformation of the world from the time of Christ to the Twenty-First Century and it is nothing short of absolutely miraculous, particularly from a First Century perspective. This is the gift of miracles that was on Paul’s list.

The rest of the gifts on Paul’s list are lumped together as if the order is not significant, “then gifts of healing, helping, administrating, and various kinds of tongues” (v. 21). The previous gifts on the list are in the order of importance. The most important was the apostolic, the writing of the New Testament. Second was the preaching of the New Testament gospel. And third was the teaching of the New Testament gospel. The direct result of that preaching and teaching would be — and were — miracles. The preaching and teaching of the Trinitarian gospel of Jesus Christ utterly changed the world for the better and forever.

GOD: Understanding God, His Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Miracles

God’s Electromagnetic Energy:

God is Light energy particles and He was the only one Who existed some fourteen billion years ago at the time of the proposed Big Bang when the universe was created by Him. His special “electromagnetic” energy is so immense that we suggested God to be the unseen energy field of three-dimensional space itself which physicists have termed the Higgs field. Moreover God’s special “electromagnetic” energy is the source of soul energy in newborns that like oxygen is vital for human life. We further discussed the Divine soul energy inside our body as possessing a special Mass which allows our souls to be a thinking brain independent of our human brain. We in addition concluded that the soul lives on forever since Marcia’s bodiless soul in Heaven freely communicates with my soul energy in my body through direct thought-energy telepathy.

The population on Earth is currently seven billion and each soul that integrates into a fetus in a new incarnation in a mother’s womb receives seventy-five million of God’s Light energy particles. God’s billions of quadrillions of His personal “electromagnetic” energy, which is continuously multiplying as the universe expands, can easily accommodate all of the soul energies within the human species. Compared to the brilliant Albert Einstein, God has trillions of times more intellect. This enormous supernova brain possessed by God is what gives God the organizing intelligence to be the being of us all, our planet, and our universe. God also seems to possess other types of energies such as angelic energy, faith energy, miracle energy, and prophecy energy in addition to the “electromagnetic” energy used by our souls.

God’s Omniscience:

Thoughts do not originate in the human brain. They constantly evolve in our souls and therefore can be monitored by God. No human being currently knows another person’s thoughts but God knows, no matter how surreptitiously we try to hide or disguise our thoughts within our Divine souls interweaved together almost inseparably within our human brain. God also monitors the moral choices we make with our God-given Free Will even before we make them. That’s what Omniscience means âÂ�Â� all knowing. We each have a tally sheet or spiritual score card that is kept in Heaven which will determine whether we will advance to living forever in the Messianic Age. If we have lived a meaningful life with truth, honesty, goodness, and fairness in our heart and repented for our sins, we shall be admitted into a second Garden of Eden where the inclination to do evil will be once again be subdued as it was for Adam and Eve before the serpent entered their lives.

This time however our paradise will be sustained because before the Messianic Age can begin, the Devil who influences our evil inclination must be destroyed. In the first Garden of Eden some six thousand years ago, God had His reasons to use the Devil whom He had created to tempt a gullible Eve. When Eve gave way to her desires and her human ego, both Adam and she had to leave the Garden. One outcome of Eve then Adam eating the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge was that the Devil was officially appointed to act upon and influence the evil inclination in all future human beings. He also gave the Devil unusual powers to transform, corrupt, and own human souls whereby the Devil at any time could “become” his followers’ evil inclination and instigate in them the need to commit evil acts. The consequences of the Devil’s power is evident in the popular story of Adam and Eve’s twin sons, Cain and Abel. It is my contention that the Devil became the evil inclination in Cain who then slew his brother Abel. Cain eventually died but the Devil is still with us to the present day. We will take up this matter in a future article on the Devil where we shall explain the Devil’s powers and God’s reasons for creating evil. If God is all knowing, then even the Devil’s thoughts and plans cannot be hidden from God.

God’s Omnipresence:

Einstein’s famous Relativity Energy Equation predicted that if humans could travel at the speed of light, 186 thousand miles per second, we would live forever as time would not exist and would fall into the physicist’s time-space fourth dimension. The soul travels at one-million times the speed of light, an incredible 186 billion miles per second, and thus can live for the eternity. Like a droplet of water in the ocean which cannot be separated from the ocean, our soul energy cannot be separated from God’s Light energy. Thus God too travels at the similar warp speed as our soul energy and is not subject to time. For God, He was, He is, and He will be. Fourteen billion years since the creation of the universe are thus the same to God as six thousand years since the Creation of Adam and Eve. For God who jumpstarted earth’s life forms with microorganism species 3.8 billion years ago, Creation and Evolution are the same time event since God is independent of time. Our human brains however see these as separate events because we are dependent on time.

The human body acts like a “black hole” and constrains the speed of the Divine soul energy inside of us. However the body does not interrupt thought-energy transmittal between souls from Earth to Heaven and vice versa. When we have a thought, the thought is immediately converted to God’s special “electromagnetic” energy which allows the telepathic communication between earthly and deceased souls. This thought-energy conversion traverses the universe through wormholes at warp speed.

Marcia soul cannot speak to me aloud but God can speak in a loud Voice or quiet Voice because of His limitless Light energy. God spoke to six million Israelites at the foot of Mount Sinai to deliver the Ten Commandments in a thundering Voice. In 1982, I heard God’s deep assertive external Voice in my cottage on Long Island. This happened once again in 1998 and also in the nineties to Marcia and my youngest daughter Erin. It also happened to my former student, Thomas Spradley, and it happened to Moses and others back in biblical days.

God’s Omnipotence:

God’s massive amount of Light energy particles allows Him to be Omnipotent or all powerful. Imagine what you could do if you were one-hundred trillion times smarter than you are today. Einstein believed that God never rolled the dice and left nothing to chance and believed in a deterministic universe. Einstein sought to prove this predetermined concept of the universe with the correct mathematical formula even on his deathbed. Yet Quantum Physics has been validated showing that there is no predetermination in the universe. At best you might say we are living cooperatively in a unifying whole where everything is in a dynamic state of flux. However is Einstein right? I now believe that he is and that the deterministic unifying whole is God.

What I newly propose is that God with His essentially limitless energy predetermined every aspect of our universe, our planet, and the complicated design of the human body. When He created Adam as a youth out of the stardust gathered from the four corners of the earth without the need for a sperm and egg, God was demonstrating His miracles. Yet despite avoiding the womb, Adam’s body was miraculously endowed by God with a testes to produce sperm that would fertilize Eve’s eggs to yield sons and likely daughters in normal childbirth. Adam’s dust-created body was therefore just like any one of our bodies today. When Eve was created out of Adam’s rib, God was further showing us that He was the first genetic cloner. The miracle within the miracle was that Eve should have been Adam’s identical twin with the exact same DNA but she wasn’t thank God. When I write another article in the future on Resurrection, I will address God’s possible reasons for the two choices of creating life âÂ�Â� one from dust and the other from human biology.

The human body is extremely intricate. For almost thirty years when I was a professor at Stony Brook, I taught both the Dental and PhD students about the Pharmacology of Salivary Secretion. The mechanisms for secretion of saliva were immensely complicated when I conveyed an understanding of what was happening at the cellular level. Today original discoveries are being made every day in such diverse scientific areas as the influence of non-Coding DNA on health and disease to human memory and brain function. For a long time now I have believed that God is the Master Scientist and the Master Creator but with my recent realization of God’s super nova brain, I now can see how God set up everything we know today ahead of time in a predetermined universeâÂ�Â� so that scientists could make discoveries of what God already knew they would eventually find out by their theoretical and laboratory experiments.

Although God therefore did in advance predetermine everything that we have discovered about our universe and ourselves, He kept this a secret from us. He never told us because He wanted to give us the Free Will to make our own joyous discoveries. In some respects, God provided the points on the map but He left it up to us to connect the dots and find the best routes through the maze of life. Often only one route turns out to be the right route in science but in life there is no one right route. We each have to travel our own path and make our own way with or without help. We live at a time when technology has provided the means for us to destroy ourselves. Can we blame God for the state of our world? Many say yes because God could easily interfere through His Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence. However, isn’t the ball in our court? Humankind as a whole broke our Covenant with God twenty-five hundred years ago when we destroyed God’s investment in His only earthly material possession, Kings David and Solomon’s First Temple in Jerusalem. The building of God’s future Third Temple in the Messianic Age shall mark the restoration of the Covenant between man and God. We and God will then once again be together in a permanent merger as God was with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Understanding God’s Miracles and Human Miracles:

If you have unshakable faith, love and trust in God, you will believe in miracles like God’s creation of a Burning Bush that didn’t extinguish itself in front of a barefoot Moses’s very eyes. As a true steadfast believer in God, you also must necessarily believe in the parting of the Sea of Reeds by Moses during the Exodus from Egypt, the Ten Plagues thrust upon the Egyptians, Joshua making the sun stand still which scientists will tell you is impossible, Elijah the prophet resurrecting Jonah from the dead so that Jonah too could become one of God’s prophets to perform an important future spiritual task that only Jonah could fulfill, the sky pouring down bushels of quail to the complaining Israelites in the Sinai Desert, and Jesus walking on water and feeding the multitudes.

All of these incredulous events described in the Old and New Testaments are miracles of God or miracles gifted by God to human beings. With his enormous Light energy particles, it is not inconceivable to suggest that besides soul energy, God also imparted angelic healing energy and miracle energy to select individuals when the course of history demanded it. God Himself in the Hebrew Bible states through the words of His prophets that in the Messianic Age, He shall perform miracles incredible even to Him.

For more than a year now I have perfected my soul energy measurements. However recently I have wondered where in the body I can measure angelic energy and miracle energy. When I ask my soul where angelic energy is located, I find it dead center just above the navel moving in a counterclockwise direction. Miracle energy I discovered to be high up in the center of the chest. When I asked my soul energy and God about Jesus, Joshua, Elijah, and Moses, all of them had large ovular circles of miracle energy that they probably activated when they performed their biblical miracles. However if I asked about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the three Jewish Patriarchs, none of them were endowed with the gift of miracles. Interestingly when I asked where the combined angelic healing through miracles energy is located, it wasn’t low or high in the chest. Instead I felt strong energy concentrated in my hands. This combined miracle healing is not the same as healers who touch you and help heal by redirecting positive soul energy to you through their hands.

I conclude from these simple measurements in trying to understand events not explainable by science, I can propose that miracle energy, angelic healing, and even prophecy energy are possible to possess through God’s gifting to human beings. There are no boundaries to God’s Omnipotence as God’s powers are limitless. He gives us all tiny pieces of Himself so that we literally walk in His image. God has done all of this to provide us with a dynamic interesting physical world. Unfortunately our earthly world is filled with pain and pleasure and with good and evil. God has moreover promised us a better physical world ahead. If we want to enter this Messianic world, we need to improve our character and live a spiritual meaningful life now in the present, while at the same time enjoying the material bliss of what the physical world offers us, like passion and intimacy.

Dr. Jerry Pollock is Professor Emeritus from Stony Brook University on Long Island where for thirty years he was an academic and research scientist publishing seventy-five scientific articles including seven patents. He holds bachelors and masters degrees in Pharmacy from the University of Toronto, a PhD in Biophysics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, and has postdoctoral training in Microbiology from New York University Medical Center. Marcia Pollock is deceased and held a bachelors degree in psychology from Stony Brook University and a Master of Arts in Special Education from C. W. Post University on Long Island. Marcia and Jerry are the coauthors of their recently published unique book, “Putting God Into Einstein’s Equations: Energy of the Soul.” Jerry wrote from our earthly world and Marcia’s soul suggested and confirmed from the spirit world.

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Daily Miracles Through the Perspective of Spirit

Miracles don’t only occur in automobile accidents, rescues, people with illnesses, hospitals, etc. Miracles happen daily through the perspective of your Spirit. Life is full of daily miracles if you can just simply live in the moment and take notice to Life’s beauty and daily miracles that occur in your Life and others. An individual who uses his or her hands to embrace instead of harm is a miracle. A being who uses words to inspire or heal, instead of harming others is a miracle. An individual who selflessly serves others instead of selfishly serving him or herself is a miracle. A person who shares his or her Love with all including strangers is a miracle.

An individual who chooses to turn inwards and remain connected to his or herself in a world of disconnection is a miracle. A being who is secure within instead of insecure without is a miracle. Someone who stands strong in his or her personal truths staring adversity straight in the eye is a miracle. An individual who remembers to Love him or herself first instead of seeking Love externally is a miracle. A being who unifies every aspect of his or her being as one, as one team, is a miracle. Someone who has accepted him or herself in a world that struggles with acceptance is a miracle.

A person who views Life through the perspective of Spirit instead of a world who views Life through the mind is a miracle. A being who listens to his or her intuition in a world that drowns out the still voice is a miracle. An individual who is able to Love in a world that struggles with Love is a miracle. Someone who focuses on living Life instead of making a living is a miracle. An individual who finds joy in his or her creative pursuits is a miracle.

A person who lives a Life free from worry/fear is a miracle. An individual who maintains his or her sense of humor in times of stress is a miracle. These are just a few of the daily miracles that occur in Life. There is no telling how many times you have been a miracle for someone else. There is no telling how many times you have been an answer to someone else’s prayers. Perhaps someone was going through a tough time and prayed or asked the universe for assistance then you came waltzing through the door as their miracle. So shift your perspective and be blessed for the daily miracles.

Maceo is the author of “Building a House: The Perspective from the Foundation”. The title is a metaphor for building a relationship the perspective from the individual and building a life the perspective from the spirit. Maceo’s writing focus is on encouraging others to shift their perspective on and of life by turning inwards to view life through the perspective of the spirit. Since love resides in our spirit, individuals will be viewing life through the perspective of love.


Miracles Made Easy – The Four Types of Miracles and How To Create them in Your Life

Miracle A: Mini Miracle There are four types of miracles. You probably experience the first type frequently, without realizing it. This is the mini-miracle or the baby step miracle. These are daily events, such as finding a parking space right in front of Costco on Christmas Eve, for example. In another case, maybe you think about whom you need to speak with and they call — out of the blue. Last week I was wandering down the bread aisle at the supermarket, wondering when my son Anton’s basketball game was and I ran into another mom on the team who knew the answer right then.

Author Jean Shonoda Bolen says, “Synchronicity can pave the way for people coming together. By unraveling the circumstances through which two people meet to enter a significant relationship, the delicate, unseen hand of fate, destiny, synchronicity or underlying Tao can be discerned.” Simply put, she’s referring to this type of miracle.

Perhaps you find the right book at the right time, as says mythologist William Irwin Thompson, “A university can provide you with a library, but what makes the book you are not looking for fall off the shelf and into your hands?”

When I was destitute, my miracles were simple, such as finding spare change hidden in my pockets when I had just run out of money for food. A miracle was getting a ride to and from school for my kids during the rainy season when we did not own umbrellas, raincoats or hats. I walked two to three miles a day in the chilly San Francisco rain. My close friend Lalo couldn’t bear to see me so beaten down, and he bought me a beat up, salvaged 1981 Volvo that spit fumes. The car became my Golden Red Chariot– my miracle car. It didn’t matter that the roof leaked and the car had no heat. It ran. We had transportation!

Thanksgiving and Christmas were celebrated, when we miraculously received gifts of turkey and trimmings. A neighbor knocked on my door with a made up story about winning an extra turkey at work. Right. A mother from the school handed me a gift certificate for a ready-made dinner, complete with stuffing. Believe me, you could never convince me that miracles don’t exist, because I experienced them even during the bleakest of moments.

What constitutes a miracle to one person may go unnoticed by another. A few cents for food and a beat up Volvo might be a curse to an affluent family, but to me, they were blessings in disguise. At the time, a simple turkey meant the world to me. So everyone will have a slightly different definition of what a miracle means to them personally..

It is easy to overlook or discount the little events as they occur. That’s why I call everything that is positive that comes my way a miracle. I never leave anything out, because I want a steady stream of wonderfully nice things happening to me 24/7.. Miracle B: The “Lucky” Miracle The second type of miracle is what some consider luck, good fortune or sheer coincidence. For instance, you may say that Sam Walton was lucky to have succeeded in creating Wal-Mart and Sam’s. I mean, several others had tried to do it and failed. It must have been luck or fate or an accident that he did it where others did not.

To become lucky, in the real sense, is to become purposeful, mindful, intuitive, listening to your answers and going with your own sense of rhythm towards a destination. I classify it as a miracle, because as you create this aura of winning, sometimes it appears as though the good luck occurs at just the right time. It might feel like divine intervention that saved your life. Was that luck or a miracle? Did God do it or did you?

Individuals who are consistently lucky are manifesting outwardly a disciplined and focused approach on the inside. They are usually following a quest, a voice, an intuitive gut feeling, and they are focused on seeing it through. They have created the mindset, the brew, and the soil for their miracle. Remember, the universe will send us what we ask for.

Two days ago, I stood behind a handsome younger man outside the bathroom on a Southwest Commuter Flight. Just that morning I had expressed a need to find raw foods. Three hours later I meet a man who runs a company that imports raw foods from third world countries and markets them to major natural food stores. Synchronicity of events occurs all the time, when you say to our friends, ‘I was just thinking of you, and here you are at Safeway at the exact precise moment I am.’

That we survived is a major miracle indeed. 2001 was the bleakest year in my entire life. The kids and I decided to not celebrate Christmas. We had no stomach for additional disappointments. My attorney asked me how I coped with losing everything and being reduced to food stamps and poverty. I had to tell him. I wrote him a letter. The letter became a three page double spaced 1000 word article. With a tremendous sense of freedom, I e-mailed the piece to six newspapers, three in California, and three in New York City, my birthplace.

Imagine my surprise when I returned home to a voicemail from David Burgin, editor of the San Francisco Examiner. He informed me my writing was excellent, boosting my ego a thousand fold and actually published the piece on the front page on December 19, 2001. The response was truly miraculous. Fifty people responded with letters of encouragement and donations of food, presents, slippers, bathrobes, groceries and cash. We suddenly felt rich beyond belief.

These acts of kindness were not coincidence. It wasn’t just accidental, and it certainly wasn’t random. These were the miracles I was creating, without even realizing it. I now know these principles work if applied with 100 percent intention and commitment. Anything less than 100 percent will not succeed. I have written this book to show you how to activate your miracles and make your own dreams come true.

One of my radio show guests calls himself Dr. Luck. Randall Fitzgerald has devoted a lifetime to researching the qualities that lucky people have in common. He says, in his book, Lucky You, “If we recognize and appreciate the appearance of serendipity and synchronicity in our lives we seem to enhance our chances of being blessed with good fortune,” he writes. “To some extent, there seems to be a law of attraction at work here – the more we notice something, the more we attract it into our lives.” He believes that if you accept “the miraculous” you will have “the blessings of good fortune.” In other words, luck is an attitude.

This is important because winners who consistently win, tell us that they get into a flow during which everything comes to them. Success isn’t just by accident; lucky people create it from their mindset of prosperity. You have heard the saying, ‘success breeds success.’ Spend time with positive, prosperous friends and you will walk away feeling naturally good. Miracle C: Life Changing, Transformational Miracle

The third type of miracle is the life changing, transformational miracles that have lead you to completely change your focus and life direction. Accidents, illnesses, divorce, job losses force you to reconsider your options. This transformational miracle is an unwelcome friend pushing you along to discover your true life’s purpose.

This miracle, born from crisis, is a potent force for change. My commitment to transform my life obsessed me. I learned that harnessing my life’s purpose would activate my miracles and create the life I dreamed about. This was easier said than done. I had allowed myself to fall into disarray. I lived in fear 24 hours a day. Since I was desperate and knew there had to be a better way, I committed myself to making necessary changes. There was no choice. Hard work was required. It was not enough to intellectually know what needed to be done. I had to change myself. Other people have had similar miracles. Like Mike McGauley who lost the use of both his legs when his car was struck by a drunk driver. His doctors insisted on amputating his legs, but he refused. He was determined to walk. Mike now claims that “the accident that almost killed me turned out to save my life.” Twelve years later he ran his first triathlon and has gone on to become a professional speaker, coach, and founder of the Dream Builders.

Then there are people like Heather McCartney. She lost her leg as a result of a motor vehicle accident. She didn’t run and hide like some. Instead, she turned her tragedy into a miracle. She became a spokesperson for the United Nations Adopt-a-Minefield Foundation and met Paul while speaking and lecturing.

Last summer I heard Wesla Whitfield, a renowned jazz singer perform at a fundraiser sponsoring horse training for disable children. I was surprised when she rolled onto the stage in her wheelchair. An automobile accident when she was younger had paralyzed her legs. She didn’t let that stop her. Her performance was passionate, riveting, and held me spell bound. At the end of the show, another woman in a wheelchair rolled in and handed Welsa a bouquet of flowers and brought the audience to tears. When she had been in the hospital, having also had a severe accident paralyzing her, Wesla had spent hours at her side encouraging her to go on. Her story, while miraculous and fascinating, is not entirely unique. Simple people do amazing things everyday. Erik Weihenmayer was born with retinoscheses, a degenerative eye disorder that left him blind at 13. Erik was determined to rise above his disabilities. In his book, “Touch The Top of The World,” he shares his struggles to stretch beyond his boundaries to overcome the restrictions placed upon him. His dream was to climb the world’s biggest peaks, an extraordinary achievement for those even with sight. Erik has now climbed the tallest peaks in the world, and my last e-mail from him indicated he was going back with a group of blind climbers. My mother experienced a miracle as well. She lived with me for the last eight months of her life, and her lung cancer spread rapidly. One weekend, I brought mom to the emergency room. Her oncologist advised me to call my family to her side, because her death was near. I called my friend Dr. Awender, an old school chiropractor. Dr. Awender adjusted one bone in mom’s neck and told her that he had turned on her body’s healing power. My husband and I went for Sunday brunch, down the street to the Santa Fe Bar and Grill close to my Berkeley practice. When we returned to the hospital, my mother was sitting up in bed, demanding to be released.

And this wasn’t her only miracle. One day she told me she almost died. “I went through a rather immense glowing tunnel towards a blinding light. There were magnificent radiant beings on both sides who asked me if I was ready to come home. I told them no, because I still needed to reconcile with my sister, Pearl, and my daughter, Hildy.” According to my mother, her body became as light as a feather. The pain disappeared, and she experienced an extraordinary sense of love and well-being. She was granted permission to return in order to mend her relationships before she passed on. Mom finally died when she was ready to go. She held my hand in my home while we listened to her favorite music.

Like these fascinating examples, your obstacles and challenges can become the fuel for your life transformational miracles. Step away from your problems, and reconsider them from the higher perspective. What life lessons are you learning from this? What do your challenges represent? What is the message in this challenge for you to overcome? This becomes the fertilizer to grow your miracle. Grab hold of the opportunity to make change before life forces it on you. Miracle D: Unexplainable Events

I call the last type, miracles of the fifth dimensional kind. They are the result of extraordinary, unexplainable events that normal science and rational explanations cannot answer. Some of these miracles are sanctioned by the church. The Vatican requires candidates for sainthood to have performed documented miracles, at least two of them. For example, both Jesus and Muhammed fed masses of people with only a small amount of food.

Even in the Jewish collection of laws, there are descriptions of miracles in the Talmud. An old Jewish proverb says: “He who does not believe in miracles is not a realist.” These books discuss the miracles that we can control and create. They are designed for people who want to learn how to harness and create their miracles. You must want your transformation so badly you experience pain in the pit of your belly.

I will show you how to develop your life purpose and create your own miracle team. My vision is to bring together others who share your determination and commitment to success. The energy from the group consciousness enhances your power and raises your vibration to the point where you will catch your miracle wave. Together, we will mix the miracle brew and activate the nutrients to get it going. What could be simpler? Join our team of Miracle Makers. We will be your miracle buddies and cheer you on to success as you overcome obstacles and habits that sabotage your progress and formulate action plans to achieve your greatest dreams.

Don’t be surprised if you awaken in the mornings ready to leap from a deep sleep, filled with passion and excitement. Finally, you are living the life you yearned for, the one you prayed that you could create and have. If you only had that miracle you’ve dreamed about. What major and minor miracles have happened to you already? Try to think of a time when you experienced a Mini Miracle. Have you experienced coincidences that seem too good to be true or a front parking spot that just appeared What life changing miracles have happened to you? What other random miracles have you experienced? If you could make just one miracle happen in your life, what would it be? Now that you’re in the mood for making miracles, it’s time you learn how to do it. You can create major life transformations in just four steps. The first step, essential to creating a healthy lifestyle, is that you must have a strong desire to change. You must be ready to confront your life, assess your life and take responsibility for it. Are you ready to get started?

Dr. Joan Hangarter, D.C., M.S., author of the newly released book, “THe Miracle Makers Club- Live the Prosperous and Soul-Filled Life that You Deserve Today,” inspirational speaker, miracle coach, and host of successful radio show, Make Your Miracle Today. She founded the Miracle Makers Club in 1999 as a way to overcome tremendous obstacles and now shares her inspiration with all of us. She helps you tap into the potential of your deepest dreams, where you can finally experience the level of success and abundance you were born to achieve. Dr. Joan knows first-hand the secrets to overcoming tremendous obstacles and challenges. Dr Joan is a talent and talk show host and can facilitate and lead discussions with audiences and groups to create life style change. She has appeared on Seattles Northwest Afternoon and been featured in Kiplinger’s Magazine, LATimes, Sixty Minutes, and SF Chronicle.

The Big Questions: The Concepts of Prayer and Miracles

Does prayer work? Not a snowball’s chance in Heck – not that there really is a Heck of course. The proof of the pudding is of course, if prayer really worked, there would be a miracle in that we’d all be lotto winners or at least pretty rich and famous! We’d be total successes at our jobs, in our relationships, have perfect partners and perfect children. And our cars wouldn’t break down! Further, the sun would shine down on us every day of our lives.

Even if we all just prayed for good things in general, not personal things in particular, and if our benevolent prayers really worked, then there would be no disease or suffering or crime or wars, etc. We’d all live in a utopian Camelot. But we don’t! I mean, come every Christmas and Easter, the Pope publicly prays for world peace. That’s noble of him. But, come next Christmas and Easter, he has to do it all over again! Now if the Pope can’t get results, what hope for the great unwashed?

Since a result, that is, world peace (as one of many possible examples), hasn’t happened; it’s obviously not the case, then either God doesn’t exist, or doesn’t answer prayers. If the latter, then God doesn’t give a tinkers damn about us, so why should we give a tinkers damn about Him (again, being traditional and assuming the masculine)? If we don’t give a damn, then Gods existence, or lack of existence, is basically irrelevant.

Think of all those trillions of man-hours (sorry, person-hours) wasted over the centuries by those in pursuit of an illusion – that praying brought results. Do you really think our world today is a better place for all that time, effort and energy? No? Then I say again – what a waste. Further, no scholarly studies ever done on the beneficial results of praying have ever shown that praying works.

If prayer does seem to work at times on a personal level, it’s probably more a case of mind-over-matter, the power of positive thinking, and akin to the placebo pill in medicine. Every now and again, the improbable happens. Just because you prayed for an improbable event doesn’t mean the prayer worked, and therefore that there’s a God who answered it.

Further, as in the case of supposed miracles, prayer validation is also a highly selective bookkeeping exercise in that a hit is documented and displayed for the entire world to see; a miss is never mentioned or discussed.

Quasi related are the buzz words ‘faith’ and ‘ritual’. As far as I can tell, all the faith in the world in a supernatural being isn’t going to heal up a broken leg any faster, or anything in a similar type of basket. You would be hard pressed to provide evidence that having faith yields extra positive results relative to those not having faith. In a similar vein, religions thrive on ritual. Do this at such-and-such a time; don’t do that on such-a-such day of the week; observe this; cross yourself thus, eat (or don’t eat) that at this time; adopt this posture in this situation, etc. Even the military isn’t quite as strict in its rules and regulations (rituals)! Anyway, observing all the rituals part and parcel of a particular religion, in terms of effectiveness, a pathway to the good life doesn’t really seem to get you any extra brownie points. It strikes me as another sociological example of ass-kissing because you are told to kiss ass by authority figures who, I gather, in this case derive said authority from a supernatural being for which there is no evidence. Sorry sheep; it’s all a case of the blind leading the blind.

Having dispatched the power of prayer, here’s my take on the related concept of miracles.

I’d better define exactly what I mean by a miracle, since it buzz word has been so overused, especially in marketing, that it has lost all real meaning. I mean there are miracle detergents, miracle drugs, miracle discoveries, miracle anything and everything. I’ve actually read scientists, who should know better, who use the word ‘miracle’ when they really mean unexpected or against all odds. If you get dealt a royal flush, you’d say it’s a miracle. But it isn’t. There are things that are plausible, possible, probable, and improbable. Then there are things that are downright impossible. If something considered impossible happens, then it’s a bona fide miracle. A highly improbable event, like being dealt a royal flush, isn’t a miracle. A bona fide miracle would be for an amputated limb to regenerate. No doubt amputees have prayed for such a miracle – alas, it ain’t ever happened.

So my definition of a miracle is an occurrence that goes totally against the grain of any sort of possibility of such a happening, happening. A miracle is only a miracle if the event defies the impossible, not just improbable odds. So, winning the lottery isn’t a miracle because it’s a plausible event. However, there is no medical science that could explain the regeneration of an amputated limb. If such an event happened; absolutely documented, that would be a miracle and considerable evidence for the existence of a supernatural God. A miracle pizza (and I’ve seen them so advertised) isn’t, since it’s possible to create a great tasting pizza!

Take the sum total of all so-called miracles and subtract those events that are unlikely but possible, from those that are absolutely impossible according to modern science. What’s the bona fide residue – zero, zip, zilch.

So, one of the alleged, albeit in a mysterious way, in which God works, is to answer prayers, and create or oversee miracles. Has there ever been any miracle, anywhere, undisputed and totally accepted by science as factual and unexplainable? If so, science would have bowed to the reality of God long ago. No, I suggest that miracles are either misinterpretations, fabrications, wishful thinking/delusions, sleight-of-hand (magic) or evidence of advanced technology! Dump someone living 4000 years ago into the 21st Century and no doubt such a person would find most of our civilization a totally miraculous one. Dump us into the 31st Century and we’d believe in miracles too!

There’s another issue in that if God were all powerful, He wouldn’t need to perform certain miracles. Some miracles seem to be a band-aid solution to a problem that shouldn’t have existed in the first place, if an all powerful, all knowing God had been on His toes as it were. For example, say you go to the doctor Monday morning, and he informs you that you have incurable cancer. Monday night you pray to God to rid you of the affliction. Tuesday morning you find that your cancer has gone! That’s a miracle – well not really since now and a rare again, cancer goes into remission. That aside, wouldn’t it have been easier if God had ensured that your incurable cancer had never have developed in the first place? As to loaves and fishes, it would have been simpler to have ensured an adequate supply of food in the first place! Miracles in such cases I suggest are God’s correction fluid or whiteout! An all knowing, all powerful God wouldn’t need correction or whiteout fluid!

How come you only get medical miracles that defy the improbable odds, instead of beating impossible odds? For example, have any of those unfortunate thalidomide victims ever all of a sudden, overnight say, awakened to find they now have fully functioning limbs instead of stumps? Surely such a miracle is within God’s power – but it ain’t ever happened.

Then there are the show-off (‘wow, look at me, ain’t I something!’) type of miracles that serve no real purpose or don’t imply any ‘oops, I goofed’ scenario – like walking on water. While some miracles totally shatter the laws of physics, like creating something out of nothing, parting bodies of water like the Red Sea, or just plain walking on water (and therefore are relegated to those impossible things one tends to accept before breakfast when you breakfast in fairy-dairy land), many so-called miracles are just improbable happenings that do happen now and again due to pure statistical probabilities. You’ll hear about the miracle where someone was cured of a supposedly incurable illness due to prayer, or someone was found alive in an earthquake induced collapsed building a fortnight after-the-fact or survived that horrific car crash. You don’t hear about the other 9,999 exactly similar cases where the person snuffed it in the natural, probable way of things. IMHO, miracles are an example of highly selective bookkeeping, like only counting the deposits and never the withdrawals, only in the case of miracles, you tick and publicize the hits and ignore and sweep under the carpet the misses.

In conclusion, prayer doesn’t work on any sort of statistically meaningful level; miracles haven’t been documented beyond reasonable doubt by science.


Get The Life You Want By Accepting That How To Create Miracles Is In Your Power

Have you truly witnessed any miracles in your life? Or possibly I should ask a much stronger concern:

Are miracles real?

Is it possible for you to create miracles as the secret to getting what you want.

Let’s consider, are miracles real?

Whatever your answer is to either of these questions, I can tell you why miracles can happen, not magic, and are for real as the secret to getting what you want while in this world.

The Course in Miracles states, “Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them.”

I have seen a great deal of miracles in my own life, and I see real miracles practically every day.

Would not that be a true miracle if you are considering improving your health, and experienced, say, the power of mindfulness meditation come into your life and become a great friend and teacher?

Would not that be a wonderful miracle if you are thinking of enhancing your spiritual life, and you suddenly discovered a book by a spiritual master who thinks just like you do?

Would not that be the miracle if you wish to enhance your financial life, and a retired multi-millionaire living on the other end of the world contacted you and was willing to teach you his/her success strategies?

Would not that be the miracle as the secret to getting what you want when you want to do a joint business endeavor, and someone from out of nowhere calls you and turns out together you make one of the very best joint ventures ever?

Would not that be the miracle to get the life you want when you think about a service for an issue, and a brilliant concept unexpectedly hits you?

True miracles happen all over the globe every day, and the secret to getting what you want through real miracles can happen to you.

And the good news is you can intentionally create true miracles in your life, and you don’t need to do much work.

All it takes is a couple of brand-new ideas and your inner-awareness.

By putting these powerful brand-new thoughts into your awareness, and then reflecting it into your exterior world, you are actually transforming your life by way of the miracle.

The Course in Miracles further teaches, “Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.”

I am going to give you a quick food-for-thought lesson on the secret to getting what you want while here on earth, that you can use for how to create miracles in your life.

It begins with opening your mind and going within to your inner-awareness.

Everything you desire is already here:.

Einstein had spent years to prove something to the world, “Time does not exist, it only exists as an illusion in a human’s mind”.

The other day is the same as today and it is the exact same as tomorrow if time does not exist. There is only one time that is now.

If time does not exist, then everything that potentially exists will be existing here.

Envision you are taking a trip from point A to point B, however it takes no time at all since time doesn’t exist. There is no range; they both exist at the very same place and at the exact same time.

Everything that can perhaps exist, exists here, consisting of the picture you are holding in your mind.

The things you envision in your mind are absolutely nothing artificial, it is as real as your arms and legs.

Researchers explain the world as a world of possibility, everything in this world exists as a probability, and this is why miracles can happen.

The portrait you paint in your mind exists as a probability that is already in quantum consciousness waiting to take shape and material form.

It’s how to create miracles. How to create miracles is as basic as that, select your own picture, and the universe will supply the result you want.

Here is something I’m asking you to do after you’re finished contemplating this lesson:.

Pick something you actually desire, form a visual, a photo, if you will, firmly in your mind, and tell yourself that it is currently here, and accept it as a fact.

Do this quite a few times throughout the day and you will get addicted to it, and before you know it the reality of the secret to getting what you want will be real in this world.

See how quickly you may learn how to create miracles in your life.


The Miracle And The Mind: Spiritual Specialness

This article begins a series on what A Course in Miracles (ACIM) means when it speaks of the “miracle” and the “mind.” While most students can cite definitions from the Course, understanding the non-dualistic meaning within the experience of dualism takes time to learn and apply. It is only with the gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit that we can accomplish this unlearning-learning process. Correction is only in the mind of the perceiver and not through forms as true choice is between listening two voices: God or the ego. Claims to be of a “miracle mind” is really the ego, forgiveness-to-destroy and spiritual specialness. The ego speaks first and the loudest. Love is quiet; and love is expressed in this world through right-minded forgiveness.

Spiritual specialness is from the unconscious arrogance of the ego wrong mind which believes it is in competition with God. Since we’re all the same, we’re actually competing with everyone all the time until we learn this lesson. All conflict arises from the idea of competition. Spiritual specialness makes some relationships holy and others not because the ego’s agenda is that we don’t remember that the purpose given anything is in the mind from choosing with God or the ego. To take back our decision making ability is the point of the Course.

The ego’s voice, which we mistakenly believe is the Holy Spirit, contains no humility nor dependence on God. Rather, it is the voice for being self-created, i.e., the authority problem. All of us have confusion regarding the author of our existence (ego or God) and the difference between form (illusion) and content (mind where correction take place). To be miracle-minded, we cannot be in conflict on any level for the right-mind itself is conflict-free. There is a difference between right-miracle-minded and the miracle mind of the ego.

We have no honesty when we use spiritual specialness as we are saying we’re more holy, more chosen by God than another. This is a defense against the opposite and we will be discussing this subject in greater depth in subsequent article. Being more chosen is the antithesis of the Course’s message.

To continue this discussion, let’s begin with some word symbol definitions. We will look at both the ego definition and the Course’s definition. Only the ego is fully definable because it is limitation itself. Perceived lack through projected forms (illusions) leads directly to spiritual specialness.

The Ego’s Miracle:

In the dictionary, the word symbol definition for “miracle” is: “A surprising or welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.” The definition for “agency” is, “An organization with two or more parties.”

This is a perfect example wherein two separate parties, the ego god and its version of the vengeful God, compete for forms within the dualistic illusion as the “divine agency.” This is why forms don’t need correction but rather the mind that perceives this silliness is in need of correction. Asking the ego god for a miracle event (to replace a form with a form) distorts prayer and the Son forgets who He is. The ego becomes the author of the Son’s existence and spiritual specialness takes root wherein the Son who is choosing the ego, competes with God to make himself special to get noticed by God. So long as we don’t look at this, we remain a prisoner of this world.

A common mistake for getting noticed here by God is to believe that changing our mind will change our life (forms, bodies, behaviors, relationships, etc.). According to the ego, if we have a good life, we avoid punishment but there are numerous versions (forms) of a good life so that’s full of judgment. Again, changing forms make error real because it applies judgment that one form is better while condemning another.

There is no life outside of Heaven. Purpose is in the mind; and our life’s purpose is to learn and practice forgiveness if we are to be miracle-minded. Peace, or inner peace, is about content and not form. It is from choosing what is not of this world (the right-minded content of the Holy Sprit) which is the true miracle-mind within the illusory world. The miracle is a shift in perception and not a shift in form (illusion).

The Course’s Miracle:

In the Course, the word symbol definition for “miracle” is quite long because of what all a miracle accomplishes. We’ve referenced some aspects but to fully understand the miracle, spend time and willingness to unlearn the ego version and learn the ACIM version by starting with Chapter 1: The Meaning of Miracles. Additionally, Kenneth Wapnick has written a book called, “The 50 Miracle Principles of A Course in Miracles.” For the purpose of this brief article, it is sufficient for us to incorporate the following into the discussion:

“The miracle forgives; the ego damns (C-2.10). Miracle-minded forgiveness is the only correction because it has no element of judgment at all (T-2.V.A). Wholeness is the perception content of miracles. Thus they correct, or atone for, the faulty perception of lack (T-1.I.41). Miracles arise from a miraculous state of mind, or state of miracle readiness (T-1.I.43). Miracles are an expression of inner awareness of Christ and acceptance of His Atonement (T-1.I.44).”

The Ego’s Mind:

In the dictionary, the word symbol definition for “mind” is: “The element of a person that enables them to be aware of their world and their experiences, to think and to feel, the intelligence and brains, reasoning and judgment.” Intelligence is a key point which reveals the choice being made with the ego wrong mind.

Intelligence is defined as, “The ability to acquire knowledge and skills, intellect, judgment and reasoning.” Intelligence makes the world real (error real) by applying judgment that one form is better than another. If we look back at the Course’s definition for the miracle, “Miracle-minded forgiveness is the only correction because it has no element of judgment at all (T-2.V.A).

How quickly intelligence gets used as a weapon through spiritual specialness to compete with God is astounding. We believe we’re following the Holy Spirit’s guidance when it is really the ego god. For example, everywhere we use intelligence to manage other people’s issues which is a blame projection. There are no “other people’s issues” unless we first believe in separation and differences and want to see our repressed guilt in another. Everyone and everything is a part of our mind. Further, to claim it is our job to manage or correct other’s issues take specialness to an even more arrogant level of being chosen by God. We are literally saying with our ego that we can do the Holy Spirit’s job better than Him which takes out a billboard sign announcing our direct competition with God. It uses, “I’m better than you” forgiveness-to-destroy, the most massive in separation between God and our brothers.

The intellect is also the culprit behind our need to develop a curriculum of teaching the Course through retreats and workshops for money. In other words, we are now saying the Course’s curriculum by Jesus is insufficient and we can do better. We do this because we do not understand the Course’s point that we are all unhealed healers attempting to do what we cannot do for ourselves and thus why we need the Voice for God. This is another point to be discussed in a future article. Very, very few are right-minded enough to let the Holy Spirit lead the way because most believe they are in competition with God and others.

Nowhere does any of this mean that we might not need boundaries with ego’s crossing the line with spiritual specialness. In fact, it is unkind not to have boundaries when spiritual specialness takes over since it contains such massive arrogance of someone believing they are better than another. Competition makes egos act incredibly vengeful because of the total belief in lack.

The Course’s Mind:

In the Course, the word symbol definition for “mind” is, “The activating agent of spirit, supplying its creative energy (C-1.1).” This is broken down into, “Right-mindedness which refers to the Holy Spirit, forgives the world, and through Christ’s vision sees the real world in its place (C-1.5); and wrong-mindedness which listens to the ego and makes illusions (C-1.6). In this world, the only remaining freedom is the freedom of choice; always between two choices or two voices (C-1.7).”

As Kenneth Wapnick once said, “Love is quiet and need not make assertions.” The miracle-minded understand that prayer is to ask to learn how to forgive first so that true prayer is released back into song. Our goal is to be miracle-minded with the true miracle mind of the Holy Spirit right-mind and that is only through choice. The power of decision is your one remaining freedom as a prisoner of this world You can decide to see right (T-12.VII.9).

Resource: Delilah Jaemes, Spiritual Guidance Coach at []. All coaching is based entirely on A Course in Miracles. Delilah is available via email, Skype and phone for personal consultations. She also posts weekly quotes on the website home page for reflection in the study and practice of the Course; and there are updates in the blog when new articles and videos are published and become available to the public.

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Do Miracles Not Occur?

Do miracles occur? Have they occurred? Will they occur?

I must admit to not being sure. Certainly, many individuals believe, deeply, in the reality of past, present and future miracles. They hold in my view respectable and conscientious beliefs. But as for my part, many plausible considerations exist which weaken, in cases seriously, the credibility of miracles.

So I remain unsure. But what about the opposite? How would I answer the opposite question, i.e. did miracles not occur? Have there not been, are there not now, and will there not be, miracles?

On that question, I am firmly convinced we can not rule out the possibility of miracles. Despite the credible considerations which cast doubt on miracles, those considerations do not cast sufficient doubt. We must remain open to the possible existence of miracles.

Any why is that? For a number of reasons, and they do not necessarily follow conventional thinking.

Miracles do not need to violate the natural laws

Miracles can be, and often are, defined as occurrences where a spiritual or transcendental power (mainly a God) supersedes, suspends or violates a natural law. That would represent a common characterization, and one that reflects a long and rich record of scriptural accounts, theological reflection and common belief.

And that is fine.

I would argue, however, that this traditional characterization excludes phenomena which can properly qualify as miracles.

Consider just about any modern technology. That technology, be it electricity, automobiles, computers, antibiotics, mobile phones, jet planes, even something as mundane as a refrigerator, all would appear miracle-like to individuals living at the time of Abraham, or Christ, or Buddha, or Mohammed.

Looking forward, can we not envision future capabilities that would appear miracle-like today, even against our current technology? I would say certainly. Consider mind-to-mind linkage; consider direct activation of cellular repair; consider harnessing capabilities of extra-spatial dimensions, consider even circular information loops in time. We certainly should be able to envision them; they arise often in science fiction. And we can conceive that such capabilities could fall within the laws of nature, and even at some point the capabilities of our technology.

Given that, if today a conscious, intelligent God-like entity appeared (God-like, i.e. not simply an alien from another world) and exercised those capabilities, could we not reasonably label the acts miraculous? I would posit yes. They would be miraculous, despite not violating the laws of nature, because they lie beyond, well beyond, current and even near-future human capability and because they epitomize and are consistent with the motivations of a God-like entity.

Note the distinction. The technology involved, however advanced, does not quality the action as a miracle. After all, I have stipulated that the technology lies within natural law, and maybe even some far future human capability. The action rises to a miraculous level on the timing of the action. This God-like entity, not with a magical trick, but with a supernatural capacity, has used a technology well before mankind’s ability to do so and before mankind’s understanding of how it works.

Thus, in my view, no presumption must exist that, say Christ, violated the laws of nature. This line of thought does take us outside convention. Many would respond no need exists to “dumb down” miracles – scripture, revelation and theology support a belief that God can, did and does violate the laws of nature.

That is fine. However, my judgment remains – reported miracles could represent application by a God-like entity of advanced technology, and further, that such an application, being beyond, well beyond, the human capabilities at the time, fits the concept of a miracle. This wider – but in my mind still valid – conception of miracles significantly, even severely, impedes my maintaining, with certainty, the non-existence of miracles.

The apparent lack of current miracles provides no evidence against miracles

In current times, we seem not to experience large-scale or undisputed miracles. No sea has opened, no crowd of thousands has been fed, no army has crumbled at the name of God. Admittedly, the Catholic Church does maintain a list of unexplainable healings, which they have classified (after fairly exhaustive consideration) as miracles. But to many non-believers, the lack of a discernable explanation more properly indicates the limitation of scientific knowledge and investigatory tools, not the power of a God.

So let’s posit that no miracles have, or have been, occurring in modern times.

I would argue that such a fact bears no significance to the existence of miracles. None.


The Isaac Asimov Foundation series provides an analogy. In that series, the great mathematician Hari Seldon, based on his fictional theory of psychohistory, sets in motion a scheme to shorten an impeding collapse of the Galactic Empire into chaos. His strategy extends for centuries. Across those centuries, the Galactic population will sequence through a series of phases, with each dominated by a controlling paradigm, for example trading, or wizardry, or science.

The Foundation Series extends through ten books, and those ten books contain an underlying theme of the “salvation” of humanity, engineered and lead by an intelligent, moral leader (i.e. Hari Seldon), plus a band of dedicated followers/disciplines.

Religions offer a salvation theme. The underlying current of the Foundation Series parallels, reasonably directly, the proffered salvation themes of religion. And if the Seldon plan (and its supporting and guiding Foundations) steps through differing eras, so could religious salvation.

If mankind currently operates under a spiritual salvation plan, such a plan could contain phases, analogous to the Seldon plan. And those phases could contain variations in the appearance and capability for miracles. Not every phase would involve miracles, and no requirement would exist that a current phase of a spiritual salvation plan involve miracles.

Am I arguing such a salvation plan exists? No. I am arguing that the lack of miracles provides no logical basis for maintaining such a plan doesn’t exist, or that miracles don’t exist.

Though a controversial view, Christ did not need to be “really” dead

Did Christ “really” die? Could he have not been in a suspended state? Did he “really” rise, or did he just appear as an apparition, or as an illusion he generated in the minds of his followers?

I would maintain Christ did not need to “really” die, nor did he need to “really” rise in a human physical form, for his Resurrection to represent the cornerstone miracle and act of Christianity.

As before, a preface is needed. Many believe, without reservation, Christ completely died on the cross, undergoing an absolute, utter, total ceasing of any body functioning. They further believe he rose from the dead, bodily, in the flesh, in complete physical form. Theology, tradition, scripture, revelation, and the personal conviction of many, support such a belief.

But others do not believe that either Christ died, or that he physically and bodily rose from the dead.

Just as I maintain a miracle does not need to violate the laws of nature to truly and completely be a miracle of a God-like entity, I would maintain that Christ did not need to completely die and bodily rise for the Death and Resurrection to be truly miraculous.

Let’s assume Christ used some advanced medical techniques, or drugs, or special biochemical phenomena, to maintain a state near death. Would such an act be miraculous?

Consider Christ’s crucifixion. That act inflicted upon Christ extensive, debilitating, blood-letting wounds beyond, well beyond, the ability of any current or near-future medical techniques to maintain life. And certainly beyond the ability of any medical techniques of that time.

Thus, if Christ managed, in some manner, to not “really” die, but rather maintain a near-death status, that would represent an astounding, dare say miraculous, achievement. The crucifixion punctured Christ, draining blood and bodily fluids, after which he received no medical attention, food, liquids or other life sustaining treatment.

In a similar manner, in the Resurrection, Christ did not need to bodily rise. In any manner, Christ’s being present to the apostles represents an astounding, miraculous act.

Let’s assume Christ appeared via some mental telepathy or similar. Today, can any person or device or process externally instill a mental image, across a group of people, simultaneously, via telepathy or mind-to-mind melding? And back two millennia ago, could anyone do so? No in both counts. If Christ’s post-crucifixion appearances occurred via externally-imposed mental imaging, such an act still represents a miraculous accomplishment, equivalent to his appearing physically.

Note here, I am not referring to theories of group hallucination, or peer suggestion, or hysteria, or similar, where appearances of the resurrected Christ stem from, or can be attributed to, mundane human mental phenomena. The assumption here is that we have an external agent causing the phenomena the apostles and disciplines experienced. Given that, the witnessing of Christ does not need to be of a physical body. Any number of other, equally miraculous, mechanisms would suffice for his appearances to rise to the level of the “Resurrection.”

Maybe Christ’s appearances results from holographic projections, or simple, mundane movie projections. Possible, maybe. But such equipment didn’t exist at the time, so the use of visual projections would still represent a reasonably miraculous act. And even today, no mechanism exists to beam such equipment into a locked room, one of the locations the apostles reportedly saw Christ after the Resurrection. And of course wouldn’t such equipment attract attention, and be sufficiently noteworthy to have been reported in some passage?

Again, remember our task, to conclude, somewhat definitively, that miracles, in particular the highest miracle of the Death and Resurrection of Christ, did not occur. I maintain, though we can go back and forth, we can not conclusively prove the non-existence of that act as a miracle.

Attestation to the Miracles

Let’s examine the evidence for, and against, a specific miracle. We will pick the wedding feast at Cana.

At that feast, did Christ convert water to wine? Based on the gospel of John, Christ, with apparent reluctance, acquiesces to the request of his mother, Mary, and “rescues” the marriage celebration by converting six jugs of water into a fine wine.

Did Christ actually perform this miracle?

We can not, I would argue, know the answer. We have insufficient evidence, either way.

Compare this to evidence of the sun rising in the morning. We can know that. We saw the night sky last night, and saw the sun this morning, concluding the sun rose, even if we didn’t see it directly. We have seen the sun rise on other mornings. Essentially every other person reports seeing and having seen sun rises. Weather reports gave us the sun rise time for this morning, and previous mornings. We can explain the events that produce a sun rise. We see pictures, and movies, and videos of sunrises. Historic records across centuries and millennium record, consistently, the cycle of sun rises and sun sets.

What about the miracle at Cana? We have none of this. No currently living person witnessed the event. We have only one written source and no physical evidence. We do not possess pictures, videos or movies. The event is unique and inconsistent, i.e. no pattern of similar events occurred or is occurring, and the event is not consistent with our understanding of nature.

So can we argue that the miracle at Cana didn’t occur? With such scant evidence, we could.

However, our lack of any confirmatory evidence exists both ways. Thus while little indication exists the miracle did occur, little indication exists that it did not. We have no physical evidence the miracle did not occur, no written documents claiming the story a falsehood and of course no living witnesses who actually attended the event. And the lack of pictures, movies or videos prevents our reviewing the event to determine that the miracle did not occur.

We thus have no verifiable information on the miracle at Cana, either way. Lacking such information, we can not know, either way. We can believe one way or another, or develop arguments one way or another, or have a spiritual or intellectual sense one way or another, but we can not know.

We can believe, or discuss, or develop logic. We can conscientiously weigh the considerations: are scriptures accurate; does Christ’s impact speak to the truth of this miracle and his miracles in general; is the description of the miracle at Cana really an allegory or exaggeration; does the inconsistency of the conversion with natural laws make it highly improbable?

We can speculate, but we can not know.

Worldviews represent inductive conclusions

Okay, but be reasonable, you might say. While we might lack definitive, iron clad proof of the non-existence of miracles, can we not assess their likelihood? In many situations other than miracles we lack perfect proof something can not occur, but logic and reason point to a very low likelihood.

Is that not the case with miracles? While we may not be able to prove they didn’t occur, can we not offer logic of a low, if not insignificant, likelihood? We could.

To start, nothing in science and little in our experience fits with miracles. Further, we can explain belief in miracles based on psychology, i.e. the human mind can hold on to beliefs and ideas despite indications to the contrary. We also know that errors and self-supporting biases readily enter into historic accounts, especially those like the New Testament that represent decades of oral transmission. Finally, lacking any scientific laws, ancient cultures often cast unexplainable phenomena as spiritual actions.

Thus, we can provide logic that miracles have a low likelihood.

But we must review this logic with a critical eye. This logic, like most reasoning, rests on a set of postulates. That this logic does so, does not undermine the logic by itself. Rather, that the logic extends from postulates requires that we scrutinize the postulates.

And bluntly, the postulates behind the above logic arise from a particular world view. For discussion, and with a bit of fracturing, I will label that world view as a secular, naturalistic construct/paradigm. In that world view, science provides the superior path to knowledge, the mind explains mankind’s thoughts and consciousness, and appeals to the unobservable (e.g. supernatural) should be viewed with caution.

And that is fine. Such a world view holds great credibility, and can and does provide accurate guidance for our actions and thoughts. But it is still a world view. What is the issue? Again, bluntly, world views – any or all world views – do not represent truth; rather they represent inductive conclusions from our experience. They begin with mankind’s accumulated thought and knowledge, and, based on inductive generalization, extrapolate out to overarching postulates.

Such inductive generalizations are reasonable, useful and natural. However, inductive conclusions, both in principle and in practice, can not be shown to be true.

On the level of principle, and without belaboring the point, philosophers have not yet created reasoning definitively demonstrating inductive logic generates conclusions that are certain. Some say such logic exists, but many say no.

And in practice, world views have fallen and been superceded through history. The gods of Olympus, in one world view, ruled over mankind. Earth once stood, in a world view, as the center of the universe. Newtonian mechanics once provided, in a world view, an explanation underlying time and space.

We no longer hold these once compelling world views.

Am I arguing that the postulates underlying modern, secular world views will crumble? Absolutely not. Rather, I simply argue to take a properly skeptical stance. Very simply, world views provide only tentative or assumed bases for conclusions. “If” the world view stands correct, then conclusions from that world view contain validity.

But by its logical nature, and based on the historic record, the “IF” underlying world views lurks in the background, and must be heeded. And as long as this “IF” exists, I can not definitively conclude miracles don’t occur, if the conclusion rests on a world view.

Bottom Line

What do we have then, from my perspective?

  • Miracles do not need to violate the laws of nature
  • The lack of current miracles provides no evidence against miracles
  • The Death and Resurrection stands as truly miraculous even if recast
  • No attestation exists that Christ’s miracles did not occur
  • Logic based on world views can not provide definitive conclusions

From that perspective, I can not judge, with certainly, that miracles have not, or can not, or will not, occur. I do not claim miracles occur; but rather claim we can not prove they do not. And being unable to so prove, I must remain open to the implications implicit in the possibility of miracles.

Traditional bibliographies serve a purpose, i.e. to validate and support the author’s claims and to provide a wealth of background knowledge. But such traditional listings of sources do suffer from limitations: the references can reside behind restricted websites; the sources mostly support the author’s viewpoint; the information cited can grow out of date.

In today’s digital age, we can reasonably overcome those limitations via Internet search. I thus suggest these search strings, for both supporting and dissenting viewpoints, of various and eclectic persuasions: “Are miracles really advanced technology?’; “Science as world view”; “Evidence for miracles”.

Step by Step Guide to Perform Miracles

Today we look upon the Lord and wonder how he performed so many miracles in his time on earth. We know his word in our hearts. We know that he teaches us to have faith in order to do as he did and even more. However it is one thing to say we have faith but performing a miracle requires just more than words it requires the spirit to gain authority of the faith that we possess. Below is a step by step process in giving the spirit this authority.

Building the spirit
To build a spirit of strength from within requires tribulation. There is no other way to know how strong we are. We have to make the dreaded journey into the wilderness to gain strength and understanding of who we are. This is building the spirit of authority. Our many battles fought in this arena would give us the spiritual stamina to withstand the impossible. It would also position our minds and spirits to believe that no matter what circumstance we face we have already seen worse. This is spiritual strength.

Building the knowledge of the spirit
In order to do this we must learn scripture. The word of God is the book of knowledge for understanding the magic of the spiritual world. It is in God’s word that we shall learn the words to perform the miracles that we desire. It is the spiritual manual for all types of miracles that can be performed on this earth. Reading scripture endlessly without fail enlightens us to God’s word and in turn gives us knowledge and command of the spirit.

Believing that God resides within us
If we have built the spirit and the word of God in us then we must also allow God to reside in us. In order to do this we must abide by his word wholly. This means in everything we do or say we must believe that it is the hand of God that conducts our actions. This is not just something we confess verbally but it must be something that comes from our core. We must feel it through our veins and in everything our senses come in contact with. This is how we become one with God.

Learning Spiritual authority
This comes when we know that God is within us and we have the faith that we can conquer all things. This is David versus Goliath. If we believe that we have the Lord in us then we must also believe that he can make the impossible possible. Our world is lower than God’s. Our physical sense of existence is weaker than God’s spirit in us. If we believe this then we must also believe that it can make the physical to work in the desire of the spiritual.

The outcome
The outcome of whether a miraculous wish succeeds or not is determined by God. This is determined by our position of authority through faith or works of faith. God knows our hearts and its intentions. He knows who would abuse this authority and who is doing it for vanity. If we fall under all the wrong categories before him then it would be impossible to perform any miracles.

The thing to remember here is that the spiritual world is not like a logical lesson. The success of the steps above is not determined by our effort or commitment or knowledge of them. They are determined by what God desires of us.