Fish Oil Supplements – The Miracle the World Has Been Slow to Take Notice Of

Why has the miracle of fish oil supplements not come to the attention of the world sooner? The benefits to health are so numerous that thousands of words could be written on them. However, although the information has been around for many years (after all, many Grand Mothers knew the benefits of cod liver oil), there are reasons why it has not been more widely accepted and acted upon.

  1. Traditional methods of extracting oil from fatty fish made a product which was very unpalatable and left a long lasting after taste.
  2. The product was not used in higher enough doses.
  3. Other changes in diet need to be effected in order to gain the full benefits.
  4. The toxins and impurities in ocean fish meant that it was a health risk to consume their processed fat.
  5. Drug companies and traditional medical personnel were not keen on the information being widely publicised, because of financial vested interests.

Today we have pharmaceutical grade fish oil available in concentrated form in capsules. It is now very safe to consume, easy to take and our improved understanding of the science means that adequate doses can be recommended. The cost of this miracle product is not a major problem – you can buy a month’s supply for less than twenty dollars.With the correct dose of between 2 and 4 grams per day, we can combat and even reverse heart disease, cancer, dementia, diabetes and other chronic ailments. Other dietary changes involve eating less saturated fats and eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. Reduce your intake of grain based products which are rich in omega 6 fats. Make these changes and you will truly see the miraculous benefits of a fish oil supplement.

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